Hong Kong occupiers gathered at the sites in Admiralty, Causeway Bay and Mong Kok at 5.57pm to mark the one month milestone of the “Occupy Central” movement which sought for free elections of the Hong Kong’s Chief Executive.
5.57 pm was the time when riot police fired the first canisters of tear gas in Admiralty on September 28 after extensive use of pepper spray failed to bring protesters under control a month ago.
A sea of umbrellas covered all three Occupy Central protest sites yesterday as thousands observed an 87-second silence to mark one month since police fired 87 rounds of tear gas to disperse crowds at the start of the pro-democracy rallies.
Protest leaders hope the ceremonies will inject fresh momentum into their civil disobedience campaign and reverse its loss of direction and leadership.
Protesters on the ground are also contemplating what to do, with most determined to stay put.

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