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The importance of education, and not schooling, in Singapore

By Benedict Chong “When you take the free will out of education, that turns it into schooling.” – John Taylor Gatto A recent statement by DPM Teo Chee Hean that college degrees are not necessary for success and career opportunities led to much derision due to perceived policy flip-flop. The State had always highlighted the signalling effect higher formal education …

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Full democracy needed for legal system, freedom of expression: Chee

Dr Chee Soon Juan said Singapore needs to adopt full democratic best practices and widen the rules on freedom of expression, in order to become an international legal centre, in a speech he made at the International Bar Association conference in Tokyo today. The secretary-general of the Singapore Democratic Party said that Singapore had to make significant progress in order to be part of the …

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Chiam See Tong – understanding the man behind the politics

By Howard Lee The silence that overcame the crowd gathered outside Deyi Secondary School in the wee hours of 8 May 2011 consumed the night. Only the voice from the radio of a car parked outside, announcing election results, continued to drone on. Then someone let out an exasperated sigh. A stifled sob. Curses muttered in anger. The Singapore People’s …

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2 protesters issued warnings by police

The Singapore Police have confirmed that two persons involved in the Hong Lim Park protest on 27 September have been issued conditional warnings. The warnings were issued for the offence of public nuisance, under Section 268 of the Penal Code which says: “A person is guilty of a public nuisance, who does any act, or is guilty of an illegal …

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MARUAH expresses concern about cancellation of approvals for Speakers’ Corner event

Local Non-government Organisation, MARUAH expresses their concern over the cancellation of approvals granted to the organisers of “Return our CPF” protest and states that this move undermines the presumption of innocence which underpins the rule of law which will have an effect on free speech in Singapore. MARUAH’s statement in full MARUAH is deeply concerned about the cancellation of approvals granted for …

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Complaint filed with SMC against council member

The High Court ruled last month (4 Sep) that the Singapore Medical Council (SMC), which sought a legal bill of $1.33 million against Dr Susan Lim, had highly inflated its bill and reduced the amount to $317,000, less than 1/4 of the original amount sought. SMC was earlier represented by Senior Counsel Alvin Yeo and Melanie Ho of WongPartnership LLP. …

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