Crowd poured onto mrt platform despite being overcrowded

[youtube id=”19U9wm_o1Oo” align=”center” mode=”normal”] A video taken by Joel Rasis, shows people crowding onto the MRT platform at Lakeside MRT station. People continued to pour onto the platform via the escalator despite already filled to the brim.
At around 7.30 am on Tuesday, there were train delays along the SMRT’s East West line which varied between 5 minutes to 10 minutes.
It was said by people who were at the stations at the time that announcements were made about trains being delayed for 5 – 10 minutes for those travelling from Outram to Joo Koon.
Joel, the person who took the video said that there were no instructions whatsoever by the ground staff to avoid the use of the escalator. The train that was on the platform had to be emptied out.
However, there was no update on the SMRT facebook fanpage nor twitter on the disruption to inform passengers of the disruption.
Due to the lack of announcement by SMRT, no MSM reported on the disruption in service.
It is most fortunate that the screen doors were in place else it would have resulted in serious accident due to overcrowding on the platform.
Read more on the disruption here

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