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In a joint statement on Tuesday evening to the local media, The National Parks Board (NParks) and the Singapore Police Force announced that the approval for blogger Han Hui Hui to speak and demonstrate at the Speakers Corner this Saturday, 25 October for the monthly CPF protest event has been cancelled.
NParks said that the cancellation of the approval for Ms Han to speak was made on the advice of police. A letter from the Commissioner of Parks and Recreation has been since sent to Ms Han to notify her of the cancellation.
On 27 September, Ms Han had organised a similar protest, which clashed with a concurrent charity event by YMCA due to a double-booking of Hong Lim Park.
The CPF protest organised by Ms Han drew heated criticism from the general public when a video of the protest crowd marching into the YMCA event was made public and viral, with many decrying the insensitive behavior of the protest event and its organisers.
[youtube id=”6HKpNvzt33c” align=”center” mode=”normal”] A number of individuals have been called up for interview at the Cantonment Police station to assist the police in their investigations over a possible offence of unlawful assembly during the CPF protest event.
NParks said it will not approve further applications for use of Speakers Corner made by people under investigation for the 27 September event, until their cases are concluded.
cancallation of permit
 Correction – The article mentioned earlier about the cancellation of permit which is wrong. There is no permit required by any speaker to be approved by Nparks. However, the approval can be cancelled by the commissioner of parks and recreation at any time without prior notice. 

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