Daily Archives: 2014-10-13

SAF Volunteer Corps – riddled with issues?

By Howard Lee Application for SAF Volunteer Corps (SAFVC) opens today, 13 October, and just reading the process by which they will be selected, enlist and serve, we can already see quite a number of issues. The SAFVC was first proposed by the Committee to Strengthen National Service (CSNS) to “enable women, first generation Permanent Residents and new citizens to …

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Legalised debt collectors in action?

A video clip which is circulating online shows what seems to be a group of debt collectors knocking on a debtor’s home in the evening. One of the debt collectors identified himself as “Xiao Long” as he called out for the debtor, presumably a person by the name of “Jonathan”. The debt collectors alleged in the video that “Jonathan” is hiding …

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MARUAH: Replace CDCs with elected non-partisan councils

Local human rights non-government organisation (NGO) MARUAH, in its 4th position paper of their ongoing project “Defending the Legitimacy of Singapore Elections”, called for existing Community Development Councils (CDCs) to be replaced with councils led by citizen-elected non-partisan mayors, and for such councils to be funded by the government. MARUAH member, Mr Kao Zi Jian presented the NGO’s position paper on how …

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MARUAH: More transparency needed in electoral boundary review

Local human rights Non-government Orginsation (NGO) MARUAH in its’ 3rd position paper of their ongoing project, “Defending the Legitimacy of Singapore Elections” calls for an independent Electoral Boundary Review Committee (EBRC) to be formed and more transparency on how electoral boundaries are drawn and for polling data at the precinct level. Mr Ngiam Shih Tung, a MURUAH member in his …

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