Daily Archives: 2014-10-09

Facilitator of “relationship” programme ineffective: HCI principal

Hwa Chong Institution (HCJC) principal Dr Hon Chiew Weng has said that the facilitator of the “relationship” programme, made public by one of his students Ms Agatha Tan for its overtly sexist slant, was “ineffective”. Dr Hon did not indicate if this ineffectiveness was the cause of the Ministry of Education announcing that the programme will be terminated by December this …

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The Age of Petitions, and it’s hardly democratic

By Aloysius Chia Not one month goes by where no petition is written about some current event or another. First, we have the petition to remove Tim Pei Ling as a Member of Parliament. Then, we have the petitions in support of and against the repeal of 377A. Afterwards, petitions for MDA not to censor a film. Now, to take …

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Censorship is for the ignorant, not us

By Howard Lee I will not mince words here. The government’s decision not to allow “To Singapore With Love” to be screened in its home country is not a “film classification”. It is censorship, plain and simple. It is also worthy to note that reports of the latest statement made by Minister for Communications and Information Dr Yaacob Ibrahim made …

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FOTF “relationship programme” will “cease by end-2014”: MOE

The controversial “relationship programme” run by the charity organisation, Focus on the Family (FOTF), will “cease its run by end-2014”, the Ministry of Education (MOE) said on Wednesday. FOTF is the external vendor approved by the MOE to run sexuality education workshops in schools. The MOE was responding to media queries on the “Uncomplicated” workshop at Hwa Chong Institution which …

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