Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Home Affairs Teo Chee Hean told Parliament on Tuesday, 7 October that more barriers will be erected around Singapore’s shores and a review of the current maritime security regime will be undertaken to deter and prevent illegal entry.
child custody marina MET detective - The TelegraphMr Teo was responding to queries about the illegal entry of a woman and two compatriots via Raffles Marina. The woman was entered Singapore illegally to search of her son, who has been living with his adopted grandparents.
The threesome, all non-citizens, have made their way from Malaysia in a sail-boat on 19 August and alighted at Raffles Marina.
Mr Teo indicated plans to erect an additional 80km of land- and sea-based physical barriers, such as fencing and floating sea barriers.
“This allows our security agencies to focus their attention on areas and vessels that are more likely to pose a threat,” he was reported as saying.
He also reported that in the last two years, 46 vessels were seized for intruding into Singapore and 144 persons were arrested. Last year, 2,890 vessels were detected and stopped from entering Singapore’s waters, although most of these intrusions were accidental as the vessel owners have strayed off course.
Mr Teo also announced that the Home Team and their maritime partners will be conducting a review of the current security regime in the coming months, to put in place any additional measures needed to keep Singapore’s borders safe.
No mention was made as to whether the Home Team plans to bolster security checks at points of disembarkation, such as Raffles Marina.

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