Daily Archives: 2014-10-06

“Diminished democracy will cause more harm to its people”

The following is a statement by Jolovan Wham and Rachel Zeng, organisers of Democracy Now! Singapore in Solidarity with Hong Kong, in response to Singapore Law Minister, Mr K Shanmugam’s remarks about Occupy Central protest in Hong Kong. In an interview with the Chinese daily, Lianhe Zaobao, Minister for Foreign Affairs Mr K Shanmugam said that Hong Kongers should be happy with Beijing’s offer …

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K Shanmugam should refresh on Hong Kong’s Basic Law

By Andy Wong K Shanmugam is one of Singapore’s most successful lawyers, enjoying a dual and very well paid role as law and foreign affairs minister, but yet appears unable to grasp the very real legal facts driving tens of thousands of protesters onto the streets of Hong Kong. Rather than painting a picture of “anti-China bias” in the “Western …

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