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Video of CPF protest march at Hong Lim Park

This is a full-length video of the protest march organized by Han Hui Hui at Hong Lim Park on Saturday.  From the video, we still cannot detect:1) Heckling of the special needs children who are performing on the stage.2) YMCA emcee shouting “We love CPF”. But what we can see: 3) Protesters led by Ms Han did at least three rounds …

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How leaders should behave

By Terry Xu The protest that is currently taking place in Hong Kong has won the hearts of many onlookers around the world for how Hong Kongers have shown their unity as a community and their stance on civil disobedience to seeking universal suffrage from the Chinese government.  Their resolve to demand democracy through peaceful protest can clearly be shown by the …

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Income inequality – Part 2: Exacerbated by the State

By Benedict Chong Governments tend to believe that they have at their disposal tools and mechanisms that will help them manage income inequality. Some of these include elaborate policies and schemes for taxes and subsequently transferring these back to the needy of society. These mechanisms are often cited by the Singapore government, the opposition and more recently, by protesters at …

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Gahmen sets up new office after NParks’ epic blunder at Hong Lim Park

By Phillip Ang Dear Citizens, The gahmen sincerely apologises for another preventable cock up at Hong Lim Park on 27 September. We acknowledge our error that common sense was not exercised. There was clearly a potential for conflict for the 2 events to be scheduled at the same time. Our officer has explained that a very popular hip hop, Facebook editor minister …

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ISIS is “a travesty of all that religion stands for”: Shanmugam

“Their unspeakable cruelty, including abductions and brutal murders of civilians, constitute crimes against humanity,” Minister of Foreign Affairs, K Shanmugam, told the United Nations General Assembly on Tuesday. He was referring to the militant group, the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS). “It is brutal, cruel and a travesty of all that religion stands for.” Mr Shanmugam says that …

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