Candlelight vigil in solidarity with Hong Kong for democracy

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A candlelight vigil will be carried out this coming Wednesday at Hong Lim Park, 7.30pm to show support for citizens in Hong Kong in their protest against police violence and demand for universal suffrage.

Supporters for Occupy Central in over 40 cities and 16 countries have organised or will be organising gatherings this week to show solidarity with the protesters in Hong Kong.

The gathering held in Singapore is co-organised by Jolovan Wham and Rachel Zeng.

The facebook event page writes,

On 31 August, the People’s Republic of China’s National People’s Congress Standing Committee passed a resolution that rejects any reformation in the electoral method of Hong Kong’s Legislative Council. In 2016 Hong Kongers can only vote for their chief executive among candidates which have been ‘screened’ by Beijing. This is a setback for democracy, and activists of ‘Occupy Central’ have launched a civil disobedience movement last weekend to protest against Beijing. But the police have reacted to this peaceful movement with tear gas and cannisters. 

We welcome all in Singapore to join in this candle light vigil to show support to our sisters and brothers in Hong Kong in their quest for freedom, justice and democracy. Please come in black, a yellow ribbon/yellow umbrella.”

The National Park’s regulations for Hong Lim Park states that foreigners and permanent residents are required to apply for a permit to participate in demonstrations. However, foreigners and permanent residents are still allowed to observe if they do not have a permit to participate in the event. 

Members of the public who are going for the event are requested to attend in black clothing with either a yellow ribbon or yellow umbrella.

A few gatherings have taken place since the start of the week.

Image by Sam Lee
Image by Sam Lee

A candlelight vigil held in Kuala Lumpur where over a hundred individuals turned up to show their support to the Hong Kong protesters on Tuesday evening.

Tokyo vigil
Rally in front of Shinjuku Station

Over fifty supporters in Tokyo stood in front of the Shinjuku station this morning.

The Occupy Central movement, lead by Hong Kong students on 28 September, Sunday was in protest against the “fake democracy” by the China government on Hong Kong, as the mainland refused to allow a full slate of candidates in 2017 vote for Hong Kong’s Chief Executive, the city’s top government official.

However, the supposedly peaceful protests on Sunday erupted into chaos after the Hong Kong police force tried to disperse the crowd by using tear gas and rubber bullets on protesters.

The protest movement in Hong Kong has now spread even more widely than before  due to the events on Sunday, with various unions and professional body voicing their support, calling for strikes to be carried out indefinitely until demands are met.

(Publicity image of the candlelight vigil from Wake Up Singapore)