Daily Archives: 2014-09-28

The double event at HLP, and an unwarranted clash

By Howard Lee There is a lot of anguish online and offline following the clash of events at Hong Lim Park (HLP) on Saturday between YMCA and the organisers of the Return Our CPF protests. Most of it was directed at the CPF protesters, who were accused of heckling the special needs children who were performing at the YMCA event. …

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Fiery confrontation at Hong Lim Park over use of speaker’s corner

A heated dispute between a National Parks officer and organiser of the Central Provident Funds (CPF) protest event took place last afternoon at Hong Lim Park over the shared use of the speakers’ corner. Confrontation  When Chia Seng Jiang, National Parks’s director of the Parks division approached Han Hui Hui, the organiser of the CPF Protest just about 30 minutes …

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