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Justice Without Borders – helping migrant workers amongst us

By Ghui Migrant workers have made an indelible contribution to the development of Singapore. From building the bulk of our infrastructure to facilitating the family unit through helping us look after our old and young, migrant workers continue to play a vital role in our day-to-day lives. Recently however, the issue of the rising numbers of foreigners in our midst …

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What info do PR applicants have to submit?

With all the discussion and debate over the permanent residency application of Chinese national, Yang Yin, what kind of information exactly do PR applicants have to provide to the authorities? And what criterias are imposed on them when making their applications? For the answer, we turn to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website here. Applicants have to fill in and …

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About immigrants and the government’s relentless pursue for GDP

This letter is written to TOC by the social worker who passed the story by Wang E’s husband to us. Wang E, a PRC national has been repatriated out of Singapore as she has overstayed her short term visit pass. She has been married to a Singaporean for more than nine years. TOC has emailed the Immigration and Checkpoint Authority …

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Foreign spouse repatriated after overstaying short-term visit pass

A case about foreign spouse being repatriated was forwarded to us by a social worker who has asked to remain anonymous. Wang E is a PRC national married to a Singaporean husband for nine years. Since 2006, she has been given short-term pass and has to renew them regularly. She was repatriated from Singapore this year after overstaying beyond her …

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No extra points for grassroots volunteers: ICA

  The Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) says that foreigners who volunteer with grassroots organisations do not get extra points in their application for permanent residency or citizenship. While the ICA did not refer specifically to the case of Chinese national and Singapore permanent resident, Mr Yang Yin, it was revealed in recent weeks that the latter was a volunteer …

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