Mdm Chung, Yang, & Mdm Chang

Elderly widow submits application to revoke LPA

Latest development in the Yang Yin saga,  Madam Chung Khin Chun submits her application to the Office of Public Guardian to revoke the Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) she had granted to PRC national Yang Yin in 2012.

The Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) allows another person to act on one’s behalf, in the event the person loses his/her mental capacity, in areas such as financial matters.

The 87 year old widow is said to be medically certified to be mentally capable of the submission.

Yang is currently embroiled in a tussle over the $40 million assets of Mdm Chung which includes a S$30 million bungalow. Mdm Chung’s niece has earlier initiated court proceedings to revoke Yang’s guardianship of her aunt’s assets, alleging that Yang has manipulated her aunt to give him control of the assets. Mdm Chung was diagnosed with dementia this year.

In an affidavit, Mr Yang alleged that Mdm Chung, who has no children, took a liking to him and asked him to be her “grandson” in 2008 when he was then a tour guide in China. Mr Yang ‘s family arrived in Singapore and moved into her bungalow in Gerald Crescent, off Yio Chu Kang road.

Mr Yang also subsequently successfully applied to be a Permanent Resident of Singapore.

Mdm Mok’s lawyer Peter Dorisamy said a suit has been filed against Yang for allegedly abusing his powers under the LPA. “He has breached his powers and therefore, certain losses have risen from, we say, those actions and we are recovering loss and damages,” said Mr Dorisamy.

Madam Chung’s lawyer Mr Eugene Thuraisingam said he has met Madam Chung and “received instructions” this afternoon to revoke the LPA.

Madam Mok has shared that Madam Chung is “very well now” and she will be applying to the court to be appointed as deputy to Madam Chung, which will give her control over Madam Chung’s assets.

Madam Mok said if appointed, she will deal with the assets according to her aunt’s original wishes to donate the assets to charity.

Madam Mok has also filed police reports against Yang over stolen antiques, art and jewellery from Madam Chung’s bungalow as well as misrepresenting as Madam Chung’s grandson to the insurance company. (see here)

Yang was earlier arrested by the police for suspected criminal breach of trust on 17th September and has been put on bail. His passport has been impounded by authorities while investigations continue.

The Singapore Chinese Chamber of Commerce & Industry has also lodged a police report against him for misrepresenting himself as the association’s director.