Mdm Chung, Yang, & Mdm Chang

Chinese national Yang Yin now faces a further court battle

The niece of 87-year old Mdm Chung Khin Chun has begun legal proceedings to recover damages from Mr Yang, a former tour guide and a Singapore permanent resident.

Mdm Hedy Mok, 60, the niece of Mdm Chung, and her lawyer, Peter Doraisamy from law firm Selvam LLP, disclosed this at a press conference on Tuesday.

Mr Yang, who is under police investigation for criminal breach of trust and is currently out on $15,000 bail, is accused of emptying Mdm Chung’s bank account and selling off some of her art collection and bank account.

It is unclear how much all these add up to but a figure of $10 million has been reported in the media.

Madam Mok is asking the court to declare that Mr Yang violated his fiduciary duties and has to be responsible for the losses suffered by Mdm Chung.

Mdm Mok has since also filed a court application to have Mr Yang’s Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) revoked. The LPA gives Mr Yang sole authority over Mdm Chung’s assets, believed to be worth some $40m.

She has also filed another police report alleging that Mr Yang has stolen other valuables from Mdm Chung, such as jewellery and cash.

Mr Yang, who was Mdm Chung’s private tour guide when she went on a trip to China in 2008, moved into her bungalow at Gerald Crescent the next year. In 2010, Mdm Chung signed over all her assets to him in a will.

Two years after this, Mr Yang was granted the LPA.