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Expatriate integration – making the effort

By A Chinese Singaporean I’m writing in on the topic of expatriate integration in Singapore. To start, I have to lay it on the line and mention that I have nothing against expatriates. I have lived, studied and interacted with people from all over the world for years in the UK, so I am hardly excused from harbouring xenophobic attitudes. I …

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Another police report made against PRC Yang Yin

Yesterday (21 Sep), the Chinese media reported that the niece of 87-year-old multimillionaire widow Chung Khin Chun, had made another police report against former PRC tour guide Yang Yin. Yang is currently embroiled in a tussle over the $40 million assets of Mdm Chung. Mdm Chung’s niece has initiated court proceedings to revoke Yang’s guardianship of her aunt’s assets, alleging …

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Desperate call for action by cat feeders of Beach Road

A website, savebeachroadcats.com (SBRC) is being set up by cat feeders at Beach Road to chronicle all the serial cat abuse cases from the area, along with information on the suspected abuser who has been killing the cats. With over 50 cats are found to be killed and abused over the past 3 years at Beach Road and many more unaccounted cases along the …

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Singaporean newspapers, stop republishing islamophobic articles from America

By Koh Choon Hwee I am a Singaporean student of the Middle East (West Asia/MENA region), and have long been frustrated at Singaporean Newspapers’ continuous republication of Islamophobic Articles from American newspapers, especially the New York Times. In the past two years, my friend and I have gone back to secondary schools and junior colleges in Singapore to talk about the …

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