Candlelight vigil for Roy Ngerng’s trial ordeal

Roy candlelight

Around 150 individuals turned up for a candlelight vigil event which was held at Hong Lim Park last evening to show solidarity with Roy Ngerng Yi Ling.

This event was organised by two of Ngerng’s friends who wanted to show him that there are a lot of people who are his friends and are concerned about the litigation that he is going through.

Candles were placed around the grass, forming the wordings, “ROY” and a short phrase of  “We’r W U”, meaning “We are with you” to signify the support the crowd has for Ngerng.

ngerng lighting a candleOn 30th May this year, Ngerng was sued by the Prime Minister of Singapore, Lee Hsien Loong for defamation over allegations that PM Lee is being guilty of criminal misappropriation of the monies paid by Singaporeans to the Central Provident Fund (CPF) in Ngerng’s blog.

PM Lee’s lawyer has earlier filed a court application in July for a summary judgement against Ngerng, saying that Ngerng has no defence and the only issue to be determined is damages.

Members of the public who turned up for the event said that they were there at the candlelight vigil because they felt a need to show moral support to Ngerng at this trying time for him.

Some felt that he had landed himself in his predicament due to his effort to help the general public on CPF issues and also attributed the recent CPF changes to his influence.

Mr Vincent Law who turned up at the event remarked that this event was a peaceful way of showing support to Ngerng and also to show that people are no longer afraid to express their opinions.

Mdm Tan speaking in Chinese, lamented that it was too small a crowd and she felt that people should have turned up for the event since Ngerng made the effort to stand up for their rights. She said that she made a point to come to the event to show her support.

Another lady commented that she was there with her husband to support Ngerng, for there are few Singaporeans who would dare voice their opinion out in the public and respect him for his courage.

Mixed sentiments from the crowd on how Ngerng should move on as some encouraged Ngerng to fight on, while some asked him to be mentally prepared to become a bankrupt.

The hearing for the defamation suit will be scheduled in the High Court at 10am, Sept 18 for the court to decide if it would grant a summary judgment to PM Lee.

ngerng's father
Ngerng’s father lighting up the candles.