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Domestic worker repariated without due process

Gita*, who comes from a rural village in India does not speak much English. But as the main breadwinner for her family, she decided to apply for a job as a domestic worker in Singapore. Gita worked for her Singapore employer for a year, but was not very happy. One day, according to Gita, her employer slapped her and twisted …

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Myanmar suspends citizens from working as domestic workers in S’pore

The Myanmar Overseas Employment Agencies Federation (MOEAF) has said that the  government in Myanmar has temporarily barred its women from working as domestic workers in Singapore due to concerns over ill-treatment and abuse. This suspension has been confirmed by the Myanmar’s Labour Ministry. The temporary suspension for Myamar citizens to travel over to work as domestic workers in Singapore will be in …

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No censorship is enough to pretend that nothing has happened

By Aloysius  Chia When the MDA announced recently that it had decided to ban the movie, ‘To Singapore, With Love’,about some dissidents from Singapore’s contentious early history, a tiresome ring seems to descend all over again upon what is all too familiar. Given the subject material of the film, it seems that this is almost expected. In banning films, there seems …

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S’porean woman, children join jihadist M’sian husband in Syria

  Malaysian news portal, The Star, has reported that a Malaysian-born man has brought his Singaporean wife and two teenage children to join in the jihadist fight in Syria. The 37-year old Penang-born man is reported to have taken his family to the Middle East conflict area in November, where they joined up with the militant Jabhat Al-Nusra group. The …

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Who is threatening Singapore’s ‘national security’?

by Tan Wah Piow How very strange. Despite the billions spent on military hardware to protect the island state, Singapore is apparently so fragile that it has to to ban an internationally acclaimed 70-minute film featuring interviews with exiles in order to “protect the national security and stability of Singapore”. Before I venture further, allow me to declare my interests. …

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