By S Y Lee and Leong Sze Hian
72,000 needy families?

We refer to the article published on Straits Times, “72,000 needy Singaporeans and families got ComCare assistance in 2013″ (Sep 11).
Community Care (ComCare) Endowment Fund was set up by the Government in 2005 to help needy families get back on their feet.

The articles states that more than $102 million of social assistance payments was given to 72,000 needy Singaporeans and their families in the last financial year, ending March.

Needy increased 116%?

According to another article, “Handouts for the poor top $100m mark” (Sunday Times, Oct 20, 2013) – The article stated that the social assistance payments to the poor crossed the $100 million mark for the first time to reach $102.4 million in the last financial year ending in March.

Which meant nearly a 45 per cent jump from the previous year and more than double the $44.5 million given out five years ago.

Helped 33,266 families and individuals?

The article added that overall, 33,266 families and individuals were helped last year, up from 19,072 five years ago.

So, does it mean that the number of needy families helped increased by 116% last year?

Total funding dropped?

If so, why has the total amount of assistance remained the same, at $102 million.

To be exact, the amount of assistance actually dropped by $400,000, despite the 116% increase in the number of needy families.

Applications success rate?

At the present moment, what was the success rate for ComCare assistance applications? How many were rejected?

Read Ms Tan’s story of her request for assistance here.

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