Project 50/100 seeking interns for event management

Project 50/100, the alternative celebration for Singapore’s 50th anniversary next year, is looking for interns to help the project manager and the steering committee put together and manage Project 50/100’s series of events.

The group is seeking talented and motivated interns who want to make a difference to society and to learn from the challenge of executing an interesting, challenging and unprecedented community initiative/experiment. Application is open to all.

The job scope includes:

  • Arranging, participating in, and minuting steering committee meetings
  • Assisting the Steering Committee to liase with Project 50/100 collaborators and manage project proposals
  • Working closely with the Steering Committee to organize our Project 50/100 events such as workshops

The internship will last until April 2015. Interns must be able to work at least five hours a week for at least two months. The group also does not have a physical office, so interns must be able to work from home or wherever is most convenient.

The internship does not come with a salary, but promises the opportunity to interact with and learn from a diverse range of groups and individuals who care for Singapore.

Interested applicants may contact Andre Goh at [email protected].