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Why the need for self-help group to increase contributions?

By SY Lee and Leong Sze Hian We refer to the article “Self-help groups ask better-off to chip in more” (Sunday Times,  Aug 31). The article states that Sinda’s operating expenditure was S$18.23 million, with more than half spent on education programmes. But its total income, including government grants, was S$17.63 million. But does it mean that its operating deficit for last …

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Cheap foreign labour to spur economic growth – think deeper and harder

By Irene Choo I haven’t bought the new book “Hard Choices: Challenging The Singapore Consensus” yet but after reading Mr Vikram Khanna’s stimulating insight of the hits and misses, published in The Straits Times, 29 August 2014, I better book one soon. It is undeniable that our guest workers have contributed significantly to our economy, in particular the construction workers, janitors, …

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Let senior citizens renew COE for a small fee: letter writer

  With the Government extending a helping hand to pioneers in the area of healthcare, through the Pioneer Generation Package, at least one senior citizen is calling on the Government to do more in another area which the elderly are concerned about – transport. Allow a one-time extension of 10 years for pioneers’ old cars, Mr Shankar Rajan, who describes …

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Honour in Singapore – Keepers of the “gates”

Honour in Singapore” is a mini series by TOC following the recent formation of the Honour (Singapore) non-profit organisation, made up of distinguished individuals closely related to the government and a far-right Christian group. The series will explore some of their profiles, and bring to light what the group meant by “promoting a culture of honour and honouring” in Singapore. By Ghui and Howard Lee Following …

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Khaw floats ideas to make LBS more flexible

  The Government is considering more flexibility for those who choose to monetise a part of the lease of their housing board flats through the lease buyback scheme. The scheme, introduced in 2009, allows owners “to sell the tail-end lease of their flat to the Government to enhance their retirement income” while continuing to live in the flat. (HDB) Prime …

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Theatrical Celebration of the great Indian epic Mahabharatha

This September, Avant Theatre celebrates the glory of the Mahabharatha, one of the greatest Indian epics to have ever graced civilisation, through our inaugral Moksha Festival. A festival catering to pre-school children, primary to tertiary level students, families, friends and literary arts and theatre lovers at large, it will be celebrated over a week from 22nd September to 27 September …

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