Daily Archives: 2014-08-30

Makansutra founder pays heartwarming tribute to cha kway teow hawker

  The founder of Makansutra, a company which celebrates and promotes food culture, and food critic, Seetoh KF, has penned a heartwarming thank you note on his Facebook page to Mr Ng, who runs a Cha Kway Teow (fried noodle) stall in Bedok South. Mr Seetoh posted that Mr Ng, whose stall is called Hill Street Cha Kway Teow, is …

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UN chief expresses concerns over “Buddhist extremism”

“In both Myanmar and Sri Lanka, I am concerned that Buddhist communities are being swept up by a rising tide of extremist sentiment against other groups,” United Nations Secretary-General, Ban Ki Moon said on Friday. He said that in Myanmar, it “is critical to resolve the issue of status and citizenship of the minority Muslim community in Rakhine State, commonly …

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Ten honoured at inaugural Singapore Advocacy Awards

By Howard Lee Ten individuals and organisations who made major contributions to the growth of civil society in Singapore in the last three years were honoured today at the inaugural Singapore Advocacy Awards. They were presented with a certificate and a contribution of S$1,000 towards their cause, in what is the first time that the work of civil society activists has …

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Second vandal to support “Anonymous” sentenced to caning

  Mohamad Fadzly Aziz, a full-time national serviceman, was sentenced to two months jail and three strokes of the cane by the court on Friday on charges of committing vandalism in a public area last year. Fadzly, 21, is the second of four persons arrested to be charged with committing the offence on a pavement outside Sunshine Plaza in Prinsep …

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Ngerng’s affidavit “irrelevant and inadmissible”: PM Lee

By Howard Lee Responding to an earlier affidavit filed by blogger Roy Ngerng, in which Mr Ngerng has claimed contained evidence about discrepancies in how the government and the GIC manages Central Provident Fund (CPF) monies, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong has filed his affidavit to argue that these parts of Mr Ngerng’s affidavit are “inadmissible, irrelevant and/or an abuse of the process of the Court”. …

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