Daily Archives: 2014-08-25

“Religion Thing Cannot Touch”

By Masked Crusader Eleven years ago, one night during the month when Hungry Ghosts roam restlessly, my wife went to the guard house in the condominium we were staying and complained to a guard about some residents who were burning hell money and leaving joss sticks and food offerings on sidewalks within the compound. They were doing so openly and …

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The Taichi Department

By A Singaporean in Australia Sometime in the near future, Singaporeans can expect a new agency called Municipal Services Office (MSO). This was announced by PM Lee in his NDP Rally last night. The core mission of the agency was to improve service delivery to residents by helping them to coordinate among different agencies. He cited an example where one …

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Honour in Singapore – About executive director Jason Wong

“Honour in Singapore” is a mini series by TOC following the recent formation of the Honour (Singapore) non-profit organisation, made up of distinguished individuals closely related to the government and a far-right Christian group. The series will explore some of their profiles, and bring to light what the group meant by “promoting a culture of honour and honouring” in Singapore. By Ghui When local non-profit organisation …

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