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Clearing the Haze: Who is burning the land?

“Clearing the Haze” is a feature series by The Online Citizen that brings you into the core of the trans-boundary haze issue. Our reporting team joined volunteers from local haze monitoring group, PM. Haze, on one of their field trips into the heart of Indonesia earlier this year to find out more about the haze situation, what causes the fires, …

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Whose decision was it to close Nantah?

The following is translated from an original article, written by 太史公孙, first posted on the Nantah Alumni website. As far as possible, we have attempted to keep the translation faithful to the original text. By Terry Xu The only Chinese university outside of China that was painstakingly built up by community leaders in Singapore and Malaysia , Nanyang University (“Nantah” as abbreviated …

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Forced to contribute to Medisave?

By Raymond Sim I am writing to seek public opinion on my encounter with the Central Provident Fund Board. I might be wrong, but I just couldn’t comprehend the rationale behind the rigidity of its policy over what should really be our money. I have been self-employed since June 2011. Prior to that, I was a salaried personnel who contributed to …

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For competition, let the market take over

By Benedict Chong Milton Friedman, a Nobel Prize winner and notable free-market economist within the ranks of the Chicago school of economics once said: “One of the great(est) mistakes is to judge policies and programs by their intentions rather than their results”. Legislators of state laws and regulations tend not to consider the real and actual effects of their policies, …

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PM Lee Hsien Loong – 10 years in office today

Today, 12 August 2014, marks the 10th year that Lee Hsien Loong has been Prime Minister of Singapore. This year is also his 30th year in politics, having been introduced as a candidate for the People’s Action Party in 1984’s general election. We look back on the swearing-in speech Mr Lee delivered at the Istana 10 years ago today. Do …

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