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Changing rules of engagement with a questioning electorate

By Ghui I have always hated the term “generation gap”. It is a term generally used to say, “it cannot be helped that we do not understand each other”, when it is usually little more than an excuse for a lack of effort. Instead of putting energy into narrowing the divide, blame is being placed on an artificial construct – …

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Preying on foreign domestic workers for sex through Facebook group?

  His Facebook support group was meant to provide information to foreign domestic workers (FWDs) in Singapore. But he is now being accused of using it to lure the FDWs into having sex with him, with one claiming that she has borne him a child as a result. Mahal Jat, whom the FDWs The Online Citizen (TOC) spoke to said …

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Clearing the Haze: From the peatlands where it begins

“Clearing the Haze” is a feature series by The Online Citizen that brings you into the core of the trans-boundary haze issue. Our reporting team joined volunteers from local haze monitoring group, PM. Haze, on one of their field trips into the heart of Indonesia earlier this year to find out more about the haze situation, what causes the fires, and what can be …

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Sexual predators targeting minors – disconcerting number of cases

  The State Court on Thursday dealt with three separate cases of sexual offences committed by men against minors. They are the latest in what seem to be a frequent occurrence in Singapore, going by news reports, of such cases involving minors. (See definition of “minor” here.) In the first case on Thursday, 48-year old odd-job worker, Lee Kia Kit, …

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Population figures – nobody knows: Chan Chun Sing

Minister of Social and Family Development (MSF), Chan Chun Sing, threw up a new figure in the debate on population yesterday. Speaking at the Economic Society of Singapore (ESS) annual dinner, Mr Chan cautioned that while various population figures have been suggested as optimum or necessary to sustain Singapore’s economic growth, “a lot depends on how attractive people find us …

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