Daily Archives: 2014-08-04

Ngerng disputes “twisted meaning” by Lee’s lawyers

  Blogger Roy Ngerng, who is being sued by Mr Lee Hsien Loong for defamation, filed his defence on Monday with the High Court. Mr Lee is also the prime minister of Singapore but is suing Mr Ngerng in his personal capacity. In his court submissions, Mr Ngerng said while his apology to Mr Lee for an article he wrote …

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Singapore sovereign wealth funds – Part 2: Anathema to a free market

By Benedict Chong “The government solution to a problem is usually as bad as the problem.” –  Milton Friedman We have seen earlier that the lack of transparency in our sovereign wealth funds (SWFs) has led to an erosion of trust among citizens. The problem, however, is not entirely social; it is also economical. We also need to examine Singapore …

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10Q – This National Day, take one for the lokal heroes

By Howard Lee If having an all-white figurine cast as a political figure doesn’t send thoughts of idol worship up your brain and the corresponding goose bumps down your spine, you are definitely not living in Singapore. But this National Day, a bunch of people who make a living out of being creative have decided to stick their necks out …

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