Daily Archives: 2014-07-09

My Insurance Nightmare – How my broken hand was trampled on

By JS Lua Most of us buy insurance for a peace of mind. For me, my travel insurance claim with ACE insurance was an additional nightmare that I have to handle upon my return from my trip. An unfortunate fall that happened in 10 seconds, required me to spend more than 3 hours on the phone with the ACE claims …

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COI report a wasted opportunity: Workfair Singapore

By Howard Lee Workfair Singapore (WS), a group of civil society volunteers championing labour rights, have issued a statement expressing their concern with the summary report by the Committee of Inquiry (COI) for the Little India riot in December 2013, which they felt had “simply reiterated the position articulated by Cabinet Ministers” regarding the riot, and  “a missed opportunity to truly get …

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