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Low wage workers also deserve to watch the beautiful game

By Ghui It is disappointing to note that the police have stopped a resident of Sing Road from putting his television, screening the World Cup matches, outside his terrace house. Perhaps it is a fear of a repeat of the by now infamous Little India riots that resulted in this move. While that fear is understandable, this action of preventing …

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Online bloggers deserve the right to a response too

By Ghui The Singapore government has long had the practice of writing to the foreign press to reply to and defend itself against articles that have been written about it. Most recently, Prime Minister Lee’s Press Secretary has written to The Economist with regards to PM Lee’s pending defamation suit against blogger Roy Ngerng. Not too long ago, another member …

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SDP: Medishield Life proposals do little to improve people’s lives

Singapore Democratic Party has issued a statement in response to the Medishield Life proposals announced by the Medisheld Life Review Committee. The party states their concern that the annual 0.8 million subsidies announced for the healthcare plan may not go directly to patient care but instead towards the Medisheild Life provider and that the initiative is significantly inadequate to help the …

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Improved monetary benefits, revised IPPT format and civilian conversion scheme to improve NS

The Ministry of Defence made a number of announcements yesterday, including changes to monetary benefits for Full-time National Servicemen (NSFs) and Operationally Ready National Servicemen (NSmen), a revised  Individual Physical Proficiency Test (IPPT) format with fewer stations, and a new scheme that allows NSmen with civilian professional expertise to voluntarily contribute to defence. The announcements were made to media at the dawn of SAF …

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LTA’s experiments to “encourage people to smile” while commuting

The Land Transport Authority (LTA) wants to make your journey on public transport “a little less harried.” So it is introducing buskers performing at train platforms, and elaborately-decorated themed carriages. Also, don’t be surprised to see “staff clutching stuffed toy flowers and giving out tissues to welcome commuters.” All these will be part of its “social experiments” to help make …

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Lapses an aberration, not systemic failures: COI

  The Committee of Inquiry (COI) into the riot in Little India last December has released its report – 3 months after the 5-week public hearings ended in March. The 4-member COI, headed by former judge, G Pannir Selvam, concluded that the “primary or triggering cause of the riot was the occurrence of the fatal accident” in which Indian national …

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