Daily Archives: 2014-06-30

The psychology behind that bait

By Apolitical – Satire piece on Straits Times’s report (30th June) The United Nation’s decision to hand Minister Louse Souless – aka Souless Louse – a four month ban for baiting Italian defender Gorgeous Chili Ini has sealed Souless’s place as the villain of World Club 2014. The incident has provoked outrage across the globe, with many saying the punishment is …

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After the Dot – a push for political influence, or a better Singapore?

By Howard Lee Pink Dot 2014 came and went without much of a hassle, although some have anticipated that there might be those against the LGBT movement who would make their presence felt at Hong Lim Park last Saturday and created problems. The organisers reported 26,000 attendees at the event. Whether you believe in the figure or not, it is …

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A*STAR scientists pioneered a molecular connection between obesity and diabetes

Singapore, 30 June 2014—Scientists from the Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology (IMCB), a research institute under the Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR), have discovered that  obese individuals lack a protein that is essential for regulating blood glucose levels, causing them to face higher risks of developing diabetes. The protein is one of the first molecular links found …

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A Pioneer Salary Package to instill political trust

By Dr Lai Kok Fung The matter of trust in government has received a lot of attentions lately. I believe we can learn a lot from the pioneers. I will start with my late grandfather. My grandfather came to Malaya as a teenager. He started by working as an ironsmith apprentice, eventually saving enough to start a small shop. He raised …

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