Daily Archives: 2014-06-29

Muslim group launches WearWhite campaign against homosexuality

Even as thousands of LGBT people, friends, family and supporters gathered at Hong Lim Park on Saturday for the annual Pink Dot event, the campaign by some Muslims against homosexuality was launched – in a little less ostentatious manner. The WearWhite movement, a social media initiative inviting Muslims to return to their “natural disposition” (fitrah) and the Sunnah (way) of …

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The PAP, as viewed through the lens held by a senior citizen

By Richard Woo From reading the article “Don’t take good govt for granted” – Forum, ST 17 Jun – by Eugene Tan, one could easily conclude that “Eugene” is a person who thinks highly of our govt. For clarification, this article was not written by Eugene K.H. Tan (Nominated Member of Parliament). Mr K.H.Tan was apparently prompted to respond to the letter …

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