Eight items as gifts for Singapore’s Jubilee babies

jubilee baby gift

Parents of Singapore’s Jubilee babies born in 2015 can look forward to receiving eight items in the Jubilee Baby Gift. The eight items in the Jubilee Baby Gift are the top choices that the public have voted for during the Jubilee Baby Gift voting period.

The eight items are:

  • Special medallion
  • Multi-functional shawl
  • Baby sling
  • A set of baby clothes – Baby T-shirt & bottoms, Rompers, Mittens and socks
  • Diaper bag
  • Scrapbook for memories
  • Family photo frame
  • Baby book

The Jubilee Baby Gift Advisory Panel received more than 6,500 item suggestions and close to 20,000 votes cast through the websites which featured the poll, focus groups and the feedback booths set up all around Singapore in the past two months of public consultation. Below are the results from the Jubilee Baby Gift voting exercise.


“The Jubilee Baby Gift symbolises our best wishes, hopes and aspirations from this generation of Singaporeans to the next. We hope that parents will enjoy the Gift as they use the items to care for their babies, to capture happy memories for their families, and to commemorate their child’s birth in the Jubilee Year,” says Ms Anita Fam, Chairperson for the Jubilee Baby Gift Advisory Panel.

The SG50 Jubilee Baby Gift Website states that the final set of items in the Gift took into account a good mix of the three elements – namely, to “Care” for the baby; to “Celebrate” the baby; and to “Commemorate” the baby’s birth in 2015 – for a balance of practical and meaningful items.

As the gift items are meant to celebrate the country’s 50th anniversary, the panel notes that commemorative elements may be included through the design for the gift items.

While some has expressed their gratitude for the effort in arranging for gifts to be given out for babies to be born in the country’s Jubilee anniversary, some has voiced their disappointment online over the gifts.

Michelle Foo said on Channel News Asia’s facebook thread, “Education and medical fee are more important. Clothes and etc we can get anywhere easily.”

Another facebook commenter, Adrian Ho said, “Medallion is most popular because there is a perceived value to it. The rest is worthless and as many pointed out, can be bought easily.”

Some has also pointed out that items in the gift pack resembles the  maternity package which all Finnish expectant mothers are given to by the state. The gift pack contains bodysuits, a sleeping bag, outdoor gear, bathing products for the baby, as well as nappies, bedding and a small mattress. Some say this box of baby goodies has helped Finland achieve one of the world’s lowest infant mortality rates.

International news agency, BBC reports that it is a tradition that dates back to the 1930s and it’s designed to give all children in Finland, no matter what background they’re from, an equal start in life. Mothers are given a choice between the package or a cash grant set at 140 euros ($238). 95% of the Finnish mothers opt for the box as it’s worth much more. (Read more here)

More details on how parents will receive the Jubilee Baby Gift in 2015 will be announced later this year.

Images from SG50 Jubilee Baby Gift Website