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Suicides in Singapore and why we should help

By Walter Jayandran Note: This article is not meant to offer medial advice. If you know of anyone who might be contemplating suicide and need assistance, please use the helplines listed below. Two weeks ago a mother was killed by her daughter who then took her own life in a horrible suicide with her mangled body lying on the concrete …

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Religion and the Demons of Singapore Society

By Masked Crusader The Institute of Policy Studies published a working paper entitled Religiosity and the Management of Religious Harmony: Responses from the IPS Survey on Race, Religion and Language on 17 June. Although one could nitpick with the methodology of the survey and questions, the report on the whole is insightful and makes for a compelling read. The various entities who …

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Never book another flight on Tiger Air!

Save yourself the hassle, skip Tiger Air, choose a better airline, and enjoy your holiday peacefully. Here’s how the author found out. By Timothy Ho I’ve heard of a bad flying experience, delayed flights, and poor customer service standards. But never in my life have I ever encountered an airline with a service standard so poor, it spoilt my entire …

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The haze at Ground Zero – busting the myths

By Tan Yi Han Last year in June, I visited a village called Harapan Jaya, where fire broke out and burned down newly planted rubber trees. I estimate the area burnt to be about two hectares, or about four football fields. The village is governed by strong laws, which state that if fire burns a neighbouring farmland, the farmer who …

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