Daily Archives: 2014-06-08

Teens Counselled for “Removing” Empty Ballot Boxes

By Tiffany Gwee The two 17 year-old students who discovered and removed five empty ballot boxes last year have been issued advisories and counselled by the Police for “unauthorized removal” of the boxes. The ballot boxes were supposedly used in the last Presidential election back in 2011. Follow-up to the Incident in 2013 The empty election ballot boxes were actually …

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The Singapore Government Doublespeak Dictionary

By Masked Crusader Understanding what the government really means when they say something isn’t particularly difficult for Singaporeans born and bred in the People’s Action Party era. However, close to half our population is made up of either foreigners or new citizens who risk accepting at face value the explanation of a Minister attempting to explain a government policy to …

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“Return Our CPF” protest – the people have spoken

By Howard Lee Barely 15 minutes into the first speech, and there was already about 2,000 people gathered at Hong Lim Park to hear speakers talk about the Central Provident Fund and to demand that the government return CPF monies to citizens. The crowd demographics was mixed – while there were many senior citizens, most of them were in the 30s …

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