Government should shoulder a higher proportion of healthcare costs: WP

The Workers’  party has issued a statement to “welcome the MediShield Life Review Committee’s recommendations on MediShield Life.” However, the party also indicated a need for the government to contribute more to citizens’ healthcare costs.

“Many of the recommended enhancements to the MediShield health insurance scheme have been articulated by Workers’ Party MPs in Parliament as well as by many Singaporeans over the years,” wrote Non-constituency MP Gerald Giam in the statement.

“These include adjusting co-payments and claim limits to ease the cost of healthcare for Singaporeans, and providing permanent premium subsidies for vulnerable groups of Singaporeans.”

However, WP indicated that it it will “further study the details of the Committee’s recommendations and respond when Parliament debates these changes.” The MediShield Life Review Committee has yet to release specific details of additional premiums to be paid, although this is expected to range between 3% and 30%.

Having noted the government’s pledge to assist Singaporeans with the increase in premiums, “The Workers’ Party will continue to advocate that the Government should shoulder a higher proportion of healthcare costs, and share more risks on behalf of Singaporean families.”

Giam had previously represented the Workers’ Party at TOC’s Policy Exchange forum on Singapore’s healthcare system. The recording of his presentation is included below.