Avant Theatre presents “Akka” & “Akka – The End”, a story focusing on Indian transgender women in Singapore

This July, Avant Theatre is proud to present the re-staging of the 1991 smash hit, “AKKA”, and it’s much awaited sequel, “AKKA – The End” as a double bill production guaranteed to be ‘singularly refreshing’!
A first in Tamil theatre, the “Akka” plays will focus on the issues surrounding Indian transgender women in Singapore and the lives they lead in face of sexual discrimination and communal exile. Taking inspiration from real-life accounts, “Akka” will be a compelling production that will re-evaluate our society’s understanding of the third sexuality and the phobias and prejudices it harbours on those who both captivate, and repulse its social fabric.

Given the recent debates on sexuality that have begun to arise among our fellow citizens, “AKKA” will prove to be relevant to educate on LGBT issues and provide a platform for audiences to engage in discussions that may change the biased perspectives that one has based on misinformed notions of morality.
Get ready to lose your inhibitions and free your mind as we embark on a journey to learn about a transgender woman’s trials and tribulations and the quiet dignity with which she led an extraordinary life. A life that unfolds in exquisite detail as it breaks all boundaries and challenges of all odds. Get ready to meet the “Akka” and her friends.

About AKKA (1991)
AKKA is the first instalment of a series that takes a look at the life journey of an individual, whose one decision
changed the course of destiny.
When Vijay, an aspiring journalist, solicits Kamini, a transgender sex worker, all he expects is some sensational material to feature as a cover story for his newspaper. However, as Kamini opens up about her growing pains, the abuse and neglect of her family and the acceptance of her fellow transgender friends, her trials and tribulations affect Vijay to the point where he realises that she is not a creature for observation, but a human worth appreciating. What started as a transactional meeting turns into a bond of mutual understanding, only to break when Kamini walks off, proud of her identity.
Kamini may have rejected society, but is society ready to let go of her?
About AKKA – The End (2014)
With Kamini walking out on society in the first instalment, we wonder: What happened to Kamini after that fateful meeting? Did she manage to live the life she wanted? Or did she continue down the downward path of degradation?
In the sequel, we explore the life of Kamini after her meeting with the journalist, who is once again on the journey to find Kamini to finish her untold story. As Kamini recounts about her search for true love, her family life as a wife and mother, and her ultimate downfall, Vijay is once again left to reflect on the circumstances of a person badly wanted to live, but was let down by the society that ostracised her. It is only at her deathbed that Vijay truly realises who Kamini was, and her shining example to those who relate to her story.
AKKA – The End is a poignant display of the plight of many transgender women who end up choosing the not- so conventional paths in their lives.

 “It (Akka) is a didactic piece on transsexuals, a subject that is rarely dealt with in Tamil theatre circles.”
Rhama Sankaran (The Straits Times, 1990) 

Show dates:

  • 3 July 2014 (Thursday)
  • 4 July 2014 (Friday)
  • 5 July 2014 (Saturday)
Show time: 8pm
Venue: SOTA Drama Centre
Language: Tamil (with English surtitles)
Ticket pricing: S$31 (inclusive of ticket handling charges)
Ticketing: http://avanttheatreakka.peatix.com/
Enquiries: [email protected]
Rating: R 18 (Transgender Theme)
Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/user/avanttheatre2011

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