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Workers’ Party sets up community fund for social programmes

Pic from WP Facebook
Pic from WP Facebook

The Workers’ Party (WP) is set to consolidate its public outreach in helping the less fortunate through a newly set-up fund – the Workers’ Party Community Fund (WPCF).

According to local news reports, the party registered the WPCF in January this year and has received approval for it from the authorities in February.

The fund was registered as a company limited by guarantee. Its directors include the WP secretary-general, Low Thia Khiang, and Members of Parliament (MP) Muhamad Faisal Abdul Manap, Png Eng Huat and Lee Li Lian.

Replying to queries from the media, Mr Low said, “Setting up a charity is not new to the Workers’ Party. The party has been running the Hougang Constituency Education Trust for some 22 years, and its Youth Wing is also involved in charity work.

The WPCF was set up after the WP had settled “more urgent constituency and grassroots matters” after the general elections of 2011, Mr Low said.

“[It] was felt that setting up an independent organisation as a charity with clear objectives would draw a clear line between political work and social and charitable work,” he added.

The WPCF will bring together the party’s various efforts and resources in community assistance in helping “the underprivileged of our society, regardless of political affiliation.”

The WP fund is believed to be the first among Singapore’s opposition political parties.

The party says it hopes to work with volunteer welfare organisations and other social agencies to reach out to the needy in Singapore.

The WP fund will run three types of programmes, according to media reports.

The first will provide further financial assistance to those who still need help despite receiving government grants and subsidies. The second will involve the party and VWOs distributing food vouchers to families and needy individuals.

The third will include health schemes, including health screenings, training for caregivers, and home visits to those needing help.

The WPCF’s registered address is reported to be a Beach Road office belonging to law firm Dennis Mathiew.