Blogger and author slammed for expressing her wish for “menses leave” on her blogspot

By Yasmeen Banu

After posting her wish for there to be “menses leave” on the 19th of May, Jolene Goh was slammed by netizens shortly after.

Her suggestion, expressed on her blogspot garnered as much attention as it did criticisms. Miss Goh, in her blog post said, “…we have maternal leave and we have paternal leave and childcare leave but I really do think that menstruation leave is needed!!!”

While some netizens stood behind her and sent comforting tweets and messages, others told her to “grow up” and that whatever she was suggesting was “unnecessary”.

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Miss Goh’s post, which was submitted to The Real Singapore by a friend quickly got a slew of offensive remarks, some mocking her of her rant, others, just dropping off unpleasant comments.



In response to the backlash and negative commentary, the author made a YouTube video asking for people to stop the cyber-bullying and understand that her post was meant to be a rant and in no way did she intended for it to be anything controversial.

“I choose to record this video because I don’t think I should be subjected to your cyber-bullying,” said the 24 year old in her YouTube video.

“…even if you all are unhappy with me, or if you all do not agree to my post- which was just a casual and innocent post with no means to actually want to change the world, I mean I am no one, I am not the MP, I’m not the government, I can’t change the rules…,” she continued.

Watch the rest of her response on her video here:

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You can also read about her blog post here:

Miss Goh, whose book “Who Says A Wayward Kid Will Stay Wayward Forever?” talks about her experience coming from a broken family, abandoned from her father and sexually abused from her stepfather, was published last year. The 23 year-old has definitely emerged stronger from her past experiences, and even though this episode of her “blog post rant” has gotten ugly over the weeks, Miss Goh got over her initial confusion over the big fuss and tweeted, “Through all the hate, the ones that shines their love for me… I truly love you all from the bottom of my heart. Thank you.”

Additionally, there were others who also made it better for her:





Remember folks, we are all entitled to our own comments, but there is no point to using harsh and insulting words to get your points across. There are better, more peaceful ways to do it.

*Photo credit: Harvard Health Publications

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