Lawyer M Ravi to represent blogger in legal process

In continuation with the defamation lawsuit between Blogger Roy Ngerng Yi Ling and Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong. Lawyer M Ravi has confirmed with the law firm, Drew & Napier representing PM Lee that he will be accepting the service of process on behalf of Ngerng.

Just yesterday, a letter was sent from PM Lee saying that the apology given by Ngerng was completely insincere and was designed to mislead PM Lee and the public.

The letter further added that despite Ngerng giving his word to remove the offending posts and video as requested by PM Lee, he continued to make it available to a select group of people and send out the emails to a wide audience, including the local and international media where he republished the video and offending posts. The senior counsel said Ngerng has himself to blame for losing the opportunity of not having to pay aggravated damages and asked if M Ravi would be accepting the service of process on behalf of his client.

The demand for the 4 articles and video to be taken down was made in a letter sent on the 26th May. The letter wrote,

“If your client immediately removes them (the 4 articles and 1 video) and undertakes in writing through you by 5pm today that he will not further aggravate the injury and distress to our client through similar other posts, videos or other  means, our client will, provided that the posts and videos are not republished and the undertaking is honoured, be prepared not to claim any aggravated damages form your client.”

M Ravi wrote in his reply that the wording of “similar other posts” in the letter sent on 26th May should not curtail the Ngerng’s right to his freedom of expression to write or engage the public on the CPF issue and raise any matters relation to CPF. Any attempt of doing so would be frowned upon by Article 14 of the Singapore’s constitution.

M Ravi also confirms in the letter that he has instructions to accept service of process on behalf of Roy Ngerng.


Attached below is the letter sent by M Ravi to PM Lee.

Letter to Drew and Napier 28.05.14