Daily Archives: 2014-05-25

“CPF is your money”: Tan Chuan Jin

The following is a blog post by the Minister for Manpower, Tan Chuan Jin, posted on Sunday night. It is titled “The Truth About Our CPF and the Minimum Sum”: PART I – Our CPF System “CPF is my money. Why can’t I use it as I please?” “The CPF is a scam. It is how the Government cheats you …

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New political party SFP made up of mainly former civil servants

By Terry Xu A new political party – The Singaporeans First Party (SFP) unveiled its party members in a press conference on 25 May held at a seafood restaurant located at East Coast Parkway. The 11 founding members of the party includes former candidate  for Presidential Election 2011, Tan Jee Say and former Singapore Democratic Party (SDP)’s candidate in the …

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Overnight queue by parents to secure places at pre-school

By Terry Xu It is reported by Channel News Asia  that eager parents to register their kids for places at two EtonHouse International’s E-Bridge Pre-School centres in the Rivervale area, had queued overnight to secure their kids’ registration. The school said that some parents were in the area queuing as earlier as 6.30pm the day before. E-Bridge Pre-School is one of …

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Police report filed against suspicious trading of SMRT stocks

By Terry Xu Local blogger and activist, Ravi Philemon has filed a police report to prompt an investigation into possible insider trading of SMRT stocks.  In his report, he wrote, ” I refer to the newspaper report “Transport Stocks up on talk of changes,” published in My Paper dated 21 May 2014. The report said that the land transport stocks powered ahead …

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