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China says Honduran leader to visit ‘as soon as possible’

Honduran President Xiomara Castro will visit China "as soon as possible" to draw up a blueprint for bilateral relations after Honduras cut off diplomatic ties with Taiwan. China welcomes the visit and is willing to enhance political mutual trust and cooperation.

Son of former Changi Airport Group chairman pleaded guilty to giving false evidence in...

SINGAPORE — Karl Liew Kai Lung, the son of former Changi Airport Group chairman Liew Mun Leong has pleaded guilty to lying to the...

Taiwan probes suspected human smuggling after Vietnamese bodies found at sea

Taiwanese police found at least seven Vietnamese nationals' bodies at sea, prompting the formation of a task force to investigate suspected human smuggling. Southeast Asia is a hub for human smugglers, and authorities have found at least 20 bodies at sea between February 18 and March 29, with investigations ongoing.

China’s ‘art factory’ painters turn from fakes to originals

Painters in Dafen, China, known for making replicas of Western masterpieces, are now selling their own original artwork in China's booming domestic art market. While exports have dipped, artists have used the obstacles as an opportunity to establish themselves in China's art market, which is the second-largest in the world. Many artists have moved away from imitation and towards creating original pieces, with some artists attending school to learn traditional Chinese painting techniques to cater to wealthy Chinese buyers looking for a "Chinese aesthetic."

3-room Bidadari flat rented out at S$4,100, before reaching MOP, with HDB approval

A 3-room HDB flat in Bidadari was rented out for S$4,100 per month, with HDB's approval despite the five-year mandatory occupation rule. HDB stated that exceptions are granted on a case-by-case basis due to unforeseen circumstances. Some netizens urge HDB to regulate rental prices, citing concerns about high rental prices being exploited for speculation.

12 killed after fire rips through Philippine ferry

12 people died and 230 were rescued after a ferry caught fire off the coast of Basilan province in the southern Philippines. Passengers were forced to jump overboard, and rescuers saved 195 passengers and 35 crew. Seven people are still missing, and it is uncertain how the fire started. The Philippines has a history of poor sea transport regulations, leading to overcrowding and accidents.

Organisers take the fall for online criticism against Ms Sim Ann’s disruption to live...

Organizers of the WWF Earth Hour Festival at Esplanade have taken responsibility for criticism after leading Senior Minister of State Sim Ann to the front row during a live performance. Photos of the incident were shared on Twitter, with some netizens alleging disrespect to the performers. Ms Sim and organizers apologized for any disruption caused. Benny's, the performer during the incident, is looking to move on, while some netizens have given mixed reactions to the incident.

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