Local artist attacked in Hongkong, perpetrator still unknown

By Terry Xu
Singapore Artist and Cultural Medallion recipient, Lee Wen attacked in Hongkong and now seeking medical attention.
lee wen injury
According to the person who posted this photo that shows the injuries sustained by Lee Wen, he has taken part in a seminar at City University in Hongkong entitled “Art and Value”.
During the forum, he raised the issue about law, and brought out the issue of Chen Guang (Tiannamen square soldier turned artist) who has just recently been arrested . He had mentioned that China has no laws and violence is prevalent in the country. “Something got to change”
After the forum, he was beaten up in the toilet and was unconscious on the floor for half an hour. He was unable to see who was the perpetrator and there is no witness of the perpetrator.
He is currently seeking medical attention at the local hospital with his friends. A police report has also been filed on this incident
Update on 5/18 1am:  Lee Wen is reportedly being transferred to Pamela Youde Nethersole Eastern Hospital,  a public hospital in Hongkong where he is kept under medical observations.
Update on 5/18 2a.50am: MRI Scan shows no blood clots.

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