Daily Archives: 2014-05-13

Xenophobia in Singapore – Myth or Reality?

By Walter Jayandran Xenophobia is generally defined as an intense or irrational dislike or fear of people from other countries. What was initially described as a psychological disposition of people towards foreigners has in recent times been ascribed to intergroup relations in the context of mass migration. Economic factors could also play an important role in determining attitudes to foreigners. At …

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Return the access to success to local sporting talents

By Irene Choo Not too long ago my daughter and a couple of other skaters went to compete in the 9th Malaysia National Open Figure Championship. Competition was so rife that she almost broke down and started to be “obsessed with losing”. Fortunately, she managed to pick herself up quickly and with the encouragement from other competitors, she returned to …

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Concept of family and what it means for Singapore society

By Howard Lee Senior Pastor Lawrence Khong has once again left his wake in the development of social space in Singapore, although not necessarily in a good way. In the latest report on the would-have-been Red Dot Family Movement event at the Padang, Mr Khong questioned the reasons that the Ministry of Social and Family Development gave for declining the …

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