Daily Archives: 2014-05-12

Meeting between ASEAN leaders and Civil Society organizations cancelled after substitution of representatives

By Terry Xu The meeting between the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) and representatives of civil society organizations was cancelled after the regional steering committee and interface delegates of the Asean Civil Society conference/ Asean People’s Forum withdrew from the interface meeting with the ASEAN leaders. The withdrawal of the civil society organisations is due to the rejection of …

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New textbook tells of earlier history of Singapore

Singapore has rewritten the history taught in secondary school to expand the story of the island state’s birth. While earlier generations learned a narrative that essentially started in 1819 with the British colonial administrator, Sir Stamford Raffles, stumbling upon a sleepy Malay fishing village, 13-year-olds now learn of a golden age that started 500 years earlier. The new story, introduced …

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Newsbites – special birth cert for SG50 babies, vandalism and animal abuse

Special birth cert for SG50 babies Babies born next year will be given a special birth certificate, among other things, as part of the SDG50 celebration of Singapore’s 50 years of nationhood. Other items in the Jubilee Baby gift package that would be given away include a commemorative medallion and a baby sling. Ideas like a family photo frame, scrapbook and …

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