Daily Archives: 2014-05-11

Where is the transparency for our students?

By Crystal I am writing from the viewpoint of an average 15-year-old Singapore secondary school student. One of my subjects in school is Singapore Comparative Studies (SCS), where our most recent topic was on Singapore’s Principles of Governance and the title of our graded assignment was “Singapore’s principles of governance ensure that Singaporeans are confident in the country’s leadership. Explain” …

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Vandalism and the Act of Rebellion

By Aloysius Chia There is something interesting to be said about the recent act of vandalism on the roof of a HDB block, sprayed with profanity prominently mentioning a political party. Though it may be that the culprits could be either naïve or immature, the bold and blatant act caught some people by surprise. Consider the precariousness in which the …

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Foreign workers are not your props, Coca-cola

By Lim Jialiang Quite a few people have been linking me the Coca-cola advertising project done in conjunction with the Singapore Kindness Movement. It’s very slick – the visuals, the editing, the sentimentality involved. In essence, it seems to call on us to value the contributions of foreign workers who have quite literally built our city. I do want to …

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