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“Look Up”- A spoken word film for an online generation

By Yasmeen Banu Everyone has at least heard of Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, or Pinterest. For some of us, our life revolves around it. We know what our friends are up to, not because we called them, but because we checked their social sites. We check for updates on people’s blogs or twitter, because it’s simply addictive. We think we understand …

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More to be done to attract Singaporeans to be nurses

By Ravi Philemon Wading into the issue of foreign nurses in Singapore. Do we need foreign nurses? Absolutely! Many first-world countries around the world are grappling with the problems of high turnover rates and shortage of nurses. Singapore is no exception. Sadly, Singapore has lost a good number of our local nurses to countries like Australia, New Zealand and the United …

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The racial, foreigner discomfort

By Andrew Loh “Discrimination pervasive in Singapore rental market’, the headline said. “While multiracial Singapore has established an enviable reputation worldwide for its social harmony in recent decades… racial discrimination remains an unabashed fact of life in the city-state’s residential rental market.” No, those words are not from the recent BBC report which got everyone talking online. The report, instead, …

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Newsbites – of mother tongue, waste and crime

Mother tongue languages will evolve over time: PM Lee While the government will try to keep mother tongue languages alive, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong acknowledged that such live languages will “evolve and change over time”. PM Lee cited examples in China where people mix English words into their dialogue, which has caused some controversy in China. “The reality is that a …

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PM Lee comes under fire for controversial remarks

After creating controversy last month by describing some Singaporeans as “a disgrace to Singapore” for threatening the organisers of a Philippines Independence Day celebration, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong has once again caused blood pressure to rise among some citizens. At a grassroots event in Ang Mo Kio on Sunday to celebrate the Indian New Year, Mr Lee was reported …

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FDWs celebrate Labour day with local NGO

By Terry Xu / Photos: Jolovan Wham Humanitarian Organisation for Migration Economics (HOME), a local non-government organisation (NGO) celebrated Labour day at East Coast Park on Sunday with approximately 200 migrant domestic workers from Indonesia, the Philippines and India, calling for better protection of their rights. The celebrations were held on Sunday because most of them were denied their public …

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