Double standards in issuing parking summons?

Mr Ng (not his real name) was dining with his family in Pasir Panjang over the weekend when a traffic warden fined him for not displaying a parking coupon for his car.

Mr Ng explained that he did not realise that there was no free parking there on a Sunday.

“The half-done electronic gantries (not operational yet) at the entrance of car park gave me the wrong impression that they are going to collect fees in future, not now,” he said.

Despite this, Mr Ng admitted that he was at fault for “not checking the signage” and does not mind the $30 fine he has to pay.

Later, Mr Ng noticed that a Certis Cisco van which was parked next to his car also had no coupons displayed but it did not receive a fine from the parking warden.

He said he asked the warden if all vehicles in the car park without coupons would be summoned, to which the warden answered, “Yes.”

Mr Ng then proceeded to ask about the Certis Ciso vehicle and asked why it was not fined despite the vehicle not displaying a coupon.

Mr Ng said the warden “kept quiet” and continued to issue summons to other cars that did not display parking coupons.

“He even took pictures of those cars that he issue ticket,” Mr Ng said. “I asked him why, he explained that photos are evidence in case the car owner says he had put coupons.”

Mr Ng then asked the traffic warden to walk to the Cisco vehicle to personally see the absence of a coupon but the warden was about “20 metres away” and “did not move from where he was.”

This upsets Mr Ng.

I don’t mind the $30 fine I had which I am going to pay,” Mr Ng said. “But I cannot swallow the unequal law applied to different people in this country.”

Here is the summons which was issued to Mr Ng:

summon coupon

Here is the Certis Cisco van in question: