Daily Archives: 2014-03-21

No intention to sue organisers of the Singaporean Songkran Festival

By Tiffany Gwee Contrary to some news reports, the Thai Ministry of Culture has no intention of suing the organisers of the upcoming Singaporean Songkran Festival that is supposed to take place for two days next month.  The Songkran Festival will hold a “H2O Music Fest” featuring both Thai and international artistes, a Muay Thai exhibition as well as a …

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Foreigners working illegally in S’pore – MOM keeps a “closed eye”?

The phenomenon of foreigners working in blue collar jobs in Singapore while on social visit passes is an issue which some have observed and raised previously. In 2009, The Online Citizen highlighted this in an article titled: “Why’re foreigners on social visit passes allowed to work in S’pore?” In Parliament in January, two Members of Parliament highlighted this to the …

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