Malaysia PM confirms that plane turned around and turned off its communication system

Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak addressed the press on the incident of the missing MH370 plane of the Malaysia Airlines.

He confirmed that the MH370 did in fact turn around based on primary radar information from the Malaysia army and corroborated this finding with data from the other agencies.

"Based on new satellite communcations , we can say with high degree of certainty that the aircraft reporting system, ACARS was disabled just east coast of peninsular Malaysia"

Shortly afterwards, the transponder system was turned off as well.

It is unclear why the plane made the turn around but it is confirmed that the communication system of the plane was deliberately disabled. The investigation team still investigating the cause of why the flight diverted from the flight path.

He states that speculations about the plane being hijacked to be not confirmed. However they will look into all aspect in their investigations.

In lieu to the new information, the investigations will be extended to the crew and passengers on board the plane.

The search operations will end in South China sea and the authorities will be working with countries to seek all information relevant to the search on their radar data.

Based on the direction in which the plane flew, the plane could have headed in one of two possible corridors. Mr Najib noted that the Northern corridor stretches from border of Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan to Northern Thailand, while the Southern corridor ranges from Indonesia to Southern Indian Ocean.

The authorities will provide full information to countries which have passengers on board the plane. And they will also inform the families of the passengers.

Mr Najib hopes that new information will bring them closer in finding the plane.