Shop tenants help to suppress fire at Rochor Centre before SCDF arrives

A fire broke out at a ground floor shop unit in Rochor Centre at around yesterday (Thursday)

Mr Soe sent in the photos which he took at the scene and shared that the fire originated from the shop near the DBS branch at the shopping centre. Photos identified the shop as an electrical shop, Eng Bee Electrical Co.

rochor road firerochor road fire 2rochor road fire 3

rochor road fire 4rochor road fire 6rochor road fire 5

He said, "Some volunteers from neighbouring shops tried to use the firehoses nearby to contain the fire before the civil defense arrived. Burning smell was detected from the closed shop at around 1.40pm.  Smoke was noticed about 10- 15 minutes later."

The Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) was alerted to the incident at 2.03pm. Together with the police who arrived with the SCDF, all the shop tenants and the shoppers were evacuated.  SCDF said that the blaze was extinguished within 20 minutes, and there were no reported injuries from the incident.

The cause of fire is still under investigation.

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