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Chinese national jailed 8 weeks for assaulting cabby

Chinese national Feng Jia Cheng, 23, has been sentenced to eight weeks in jail for assaulting a taxi driver in October 2012. Feng, a club singer holding a work pass then, had placed his friend who was intoxicated into the taxi which was stationed at the driveway of Holiday Inn Atrium at Outram Road. The taxi driver, 55-year old Tay …

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Breaking: AGC files complaint against M Ravi

The Attorney-General’s Chambers (AGC) has filed a complaint against human rights lawyer M Ravi for releasing court documents to the media with respect to three cases. In a letter sent to the Law Society, the AGC requested the Law Society to refer the matter to a disciplinary tribunal, pursuant to section 85(3)(b) of the Legal Professions Act. In an open letter to the …

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Australian expat being investigated for alleged punching incident

By Tiffany Gwee An Australian expatriate, Mr Aaron Jeremiejczyk, who was accused of punching local jazz musician Dawn Ho earlier this week at a taxi stand in Sentosa, has resigned from his job. This comes after his employer had suspended him after it received complaints about the incident. Confrontation gone wrong According to her Facebook post about the alleged altercation, …

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Amid Friendly Dogs and Loss of Trust: Revisiting the Dog Abuse Incident

By Tiffany Gwee There were many unanswered questions that surfaced amid the alleged dog abuse incident that happened in Pasir Ris last month that stirred a massive debate amongst Singaporeans. The father of the punished full-time National Serviceman (NSF), Mr. Simon Spencer, talked about how a warrant officer was witnessed to have thrown a “truncheon at the dogs to chase …

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Public transport headed for better days ahead

Singapore’s public transport system, the source of much angst and indeed anger in recent years, is slowly crawling itself out of the hole of such public discontent. In Parliament on Tuesday, 11 March, Transport Minister Lui Tuck Yew gave an overall picture of what his ministry has done to improve the system and resolve existing problems, and what commuters can …

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8-minute S’pore film about father & son goes viral

A 8-minute short film by Singaporean filmmaker Daniel Yam for the Community Chest has gone viral, even picking up a mention on the Huffington Post so far. The film, titled “Gift”, is a story of the relationship between a father and son. The father, played by actor Michael Chua, is a garang-guni – or rag and bones collector, whom his …

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