Daily Archives: 2014-03-02

COI Week 1 – The hearings so far

By Andrew Loh After the first week of the Community of Inquiry (COI) hearings into the Little India riot, several main points seem to have emerged. Before we get into that, however, it is prudent to revisit the Terms of Reference which the COI has been given. The terms are: a. Establish the factors and circumstances that led to the …

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Politics is dirty?

By Teo Soh Lung There is a common saying that “Politics is dirty”. I didn’t know it is that dirty till I read the essays of historians, Professor Geoff Wade and Dr Thum Ping Tjin in “The 1963 Operation Coldstore in Singapore, Commemorating 50 Years.” I have heard personal accounts and analysis of the politics of Singapore in the 50s …

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More police resources could have prevented escalation of violence

By Terry Xu / Andrew Loh Lt Tiffany Neo of the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) was on her 24-hour shift at the Central Fire Station on 8 December 2013 when she was informed of the traffic accident that had taken place in Little India. Upon receiving the dispatch order at 9.25pm, her team of five raced to the scene …

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